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Grub Mub'udud
it was a nice day. it was a nice afternoon. morning was nice. the evening would have been nice if it weren't for the event witnessed by three that occurred in a bedroom upon the hour of sleeping.

"fine," said Jimmy. Jimmy was schizoid as a result of the activities on a lake that summer with 5 others, 4 of whom died and one other, ME, who was in the room too, along with Jennifer and Annie, our best friends. it was like a holiday except for Jimmy, who was actually talking to himself now, but we were really feeling peaceful. "fine I'll do it."


"What Annie, don't you fucking get it?"


"What the fucking hell man, I don't got to listen to this anymore." He took off his shirt and started touching the drawings around his chest and tummy. "I feel pretty into it right now."


"Jimmy just called Annie a man!" Jennifer was the most sympathetic of Jimmy's condition of talking about nothing to nobody whenever other people were around and whenever he was alone, too, we all assumed.

"Jimmy put yer shirt on, you can stay after you perform whatever OCD action you have to perform to feel comfortable here. We're safe, ok?" Jennifer held a smile as Jimmy ran two fingers across a line leading from his nipple to his belly button. He started sighing.

"I can do it again before I go to bed."

"Jimmy." All three of us said his name. "Jimmy what the hell are you talking about?"

"Whatever, just ignore me."

Annie threw me a pillow. I giggled and whispered I love you right as Jimmy did something we will never forget. He tried to jump out the window.

"What the hell--NO!" I grabbed his ankle with both hands as his torso was angled out of the window. He started squirming.


"Jimmy! Why are you screaming!?"

Why is he jumping out of the window, I thought as I pulled him onto my bed. He started laughing.

"That almost found it. I almost found it. I'm getting so close. It's ok now everybody, I almost found it." His eyes were unfocused and he was looking towards the ground.

"Jimmy you almost really hurt yourself."

"Yeah, are you ok?" Annie.

"What are you even talking about?"

He looked right at me. "Grub Mub'udud."

Nightmares. Stunning, swirling nausea. These are what I remember about Grub Mub'udud.

Jimmy's story was a sad one. After he returned from the lake where the others died, his family began to control everything about his life because he was out of control.

"We're going." Jimmy stated airily.

"Simply what are you talking about, Jimmy. My god."


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