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The internal struggle of buying my cigarettes: I only smoke Marlboro Ultra Lights (uuuuuultra lights). Two options: 72's or Regular. 

If I buy a carton of 72's, the deal I get is equivalent to two free packs of cigarettes. At 37 dollars per carton, I'm paying only 3.70 per pack. I get a tax-free deal at my local "Choctaw Plaza" so I am among the people who are paying the least amount of money for cigarettes, and Marlboro's at that. I am a brand whore. 

If I buy a carton of Regular cigarettes, I spend 48 dollars. This is less than two free packs. I'm paying the same amount of money as if I had bought 10 packs of 72's at full price, not carton price. So I am forced to decide:

Do I want two free packs and buy Marlboro 72's? Or do I want a free upgrade from 72's to Regular by buying a carton of Reggies? Easy choice, stick with the carton of 72's. Regular has only a quarter inch of extra tobacco, and the filter is longer so my hit is less strong. But my problem is this:

Do I pay more(not only getting a worse deal but actually paying more) to protect my lungs with the longer filter of Regular cigarettes? The extra tobacco is nil--I don't smoke entire cigarettes anyway. So my question now is do I risk my life by spending less money of the shorter filters of 72's, or do I go the safer option with regular? Oh yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. 

edit: no choice should be like this


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